Essential soft skills to stand out as an entrepreneur

Achieving success in today's complex world requires a range of skills that go beyond academic training and extensive professional experience. We are talking, on the contrary, about acquiring a series of professional habits of a more subtle nature which, however, make the difference between one professional and another: soft skills.

What are soft skillsAn

example of a successful entrepreneur was Steve Jobs who, among other skills, had a great capacity for business persuasion. His products may not be the best on the market, but the way he marketed them has made Apple a communications giant, so when we use the term soft skills we are referring to exceptional behavioral habits within the realm of human intuition. We are talking about leadership and team management skills, replacing imposition with motivation; communication skills to get the attention of others, especially in networking; emotional intelligence to resolve conflicts and adapt to new realities, or the ability to combine concentration with effective management of working time to achieve greater productivity.

Application at professional and business levelEvery

day it is more common to see professionals or entrepreneurs who want to improve professionally by taking specific courses in communication, conflict resolution or leadership skills.

In the case of companies, managers who do not have contact with the rest of the staff dedicate their efforts to detecting these abilities in their subordinates or in new workers and promote them with training. An example of business activity that involves an effort in the application of these skills are the segway tours in Madrid, a new evolution within the tourism sector. This innovative way of getting to know Madrid is committed to a new concept of product sales and to the motivation of its workers, who transmit their enthusiasm to their clients.

Focusing on the right



a last point, to get the most out of soft


, experts recommend doing a previous work to detect the potential of each person, focus on each specific quality with training, and finally, apply the knowledge in the day to day at a professional level.Steve Jobs might not be a great poetic creator, but he had the intuition to know what users expected from electronic devices.

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