How even small businesses can use existing data to increase their bottom line

Most companies think that advanced analytics is reserved for big companies. After all, it's easy to imagine companies like Google, Apple, and IBM spending millions on it. But the truth is that this data can be quite interesting for small and medium-sized businesses as well. New technologies make this possible if you know how to use it.With the flood of data, it's often difficult to evaluate it in a sensible way.

Especially most company founders also lack the time for such evaluations. New software now makes it possible for all companies to access and evaluate this data. However, one must always be clear about which information is critical, which is just nice to have and which is completely unimportant. From case to case, it is not always easy to separate these three types.

Now, if one is executing a data-driven strategy, there are good and useful tips to consider and how to filter them:Understand your customersHaving an overview of sales data and customer behavior can be invaluable for businesses. You can lay out your entire sales strategy on such evaluated data and tailor it to the specific customer. This will also show you which customers are most profitable for your business. These in turn can help increase your sales with targeted advertising.

Furthermore, you can react immediately to any changes and thus always have your finger on the pulse of time. Increase open rates (increase) you thus in a very simple way targeted your sales.The inner structureThe collected data can also help you to better understand your own business. Your decisions will be based on profit and loss statements. You will be regularly informed about your products and the margins.

You can see right away which products are profitable to sell and which products should be better promoted. But also which products no longer yield profits and which you should better part with. When you sell your valuable timeAs a consulting company, you sell your valuable time. Analyzing your daily activities lets you see the information from a different perspective.

This allows you to immediately see how heavy your workload is and how you can increase productivity. Keeping track of inventoryInventory is hugely important for any business. This will help you reduce unnecessary storage costs and see at a glance which products you need to restock and which are out of stock. If you want to profit from your data, you should know exactly what to look for.

Proper analysis of data can help you make decisions based on facts. As of now, there are no more estimates or guesses.

Anabelle Pelletier
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