How long will it take for the COVID-19 vaccine to arrive?

America has already surpassed Europe in the number of deaths from the COVID-19 outbreak; in Peru alone, more than 6000 people have died. The data recorded daily forces experts to develop a vaccine that will put an end to this pandemic. However, Bill Gates, one of the most influential men in the world, anticipated that the vaccine will take time to arrive because, on the one hand, they are difficult to manufacture and, on the other, they need to be distributed worldwide. What did the owner of the foundation that finances the largest amount of vaccines worldwide say?


first consideration is that to stop the pandemic, you need a drug that is more than 90 percent effective or a vaccine that reaches every corner of the planet.

In the case of the drug, experts have not yet approached the desired percentage, so they are not able to develop a treatment that will treat positive cases. As for the vaccine, specialists are working on it, but billions of doses would be needed, which is quite discouraging. In addition, it is estimated that the vaccine will arrive in no less than 18 months. Although it seems like a considerable period of time, it's fast considering that the average development of a vaccine is five years.

The process of developing a vaccineThe

goal in developing this, and any other vaccine, is safety and efficacy. Safety, of course, refers to the individuals and the side effects of the vaccine. Efforts would be futile if a vaccine were developed that protected against the coronavirus but generated other diseases. In this sense, to test the safety of a vaccine, tests are first performed on animals and then they begin to be administered to people.

With respect to efficacy, this concept refers to the ability of the vaccine to protect the inoculated individual. Before it can be determined how effective a vaccine is, it is necessary to test it using a sample of people of different ages and health. Once its effectiveness is determined, the sample is spread to thousands of people at risk of infection. This can take a long time and that is why specialists are trying to reduce the time required.

Bill Gates' foundation, along with government administrations in several countries, has sufficient funds to continue developing the vaccine, but results will not be immediate. Bill Gates' team will continue to work on developing a vaccine to stop the pandemic. Considering that normal development takes at least 5 years, 18 months seems encouraging. However, the number of deaths per day is urging specialists to get it as soon as possible.

While waiting for that time to arrive, the only possible care is to maintain the necessary precautions so that the virus does not continue to spread.

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