In the cold, strengthen yourself with Actimel

Scientific studies have shown that the flu virus, also known as influenza, is more easily transmitted and spread when it is cold. During the experiments, several guinea pigs were exposed to the flu virus in the same closed environment. It was found that when temperatures were low, the rate of infection was very high, but as the temperature increased, the guinea pigs became less ill. When a person infected with the influenza virus breathes in, he or she can infect other individuals, since tiny particles of the virus are sent into the environment when they exhale and can be inhaled by other individuals and become infected.during the summer and spring months, higher temperatures are accompanied by higher environmental humidity.

These conditions are not conducive to the spread of flu viruses. In very humid environments, the flu virus is shed by sick people, but there is less danger of infection because the virus is lost in the environment. When there is little humidity, however, the virus spreads into the air and remains for a long time. The University of Cambridge has carried out a series of studies that have shown that the influenza virus survives longer when the humidity drops.

We can point to other causes which, although not scientifically proven, logically explain why people are more likely to get sick with the flu virus during the colder winter months: Firstly, it is normal for people to spend more time in small enclosed spaces. Second, another theory states that in winter, due to fewer hours of light and less exposure to the sun, our immune system is weakened. This is due to the poor absorption of vitamin D, since, when the sun is absent, the body does not absorb the vitamin and our immune response is protect us, flu vaccines have been developed. But, if you have not been able to escape from the flu virus, don't forget that actimel strengthens the defenses,(, drink plenty of fluids, be careful not to infect others and be patient, wait for the body to recover its strength, and take care of yourself.

Anabelle Pelletier
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