Tips to increase traffic to your site without spending money

The traffic to the site is defining, since the more people who visit your site, the better your chances of increasing sales. The digital entrepreneurship has progressively increased in Brazil and people are increasingly seeking solutions to succeed with their sites. One of the biggest challenges of today's entrepreneurs is precisely the large number of stores that exist and end up saturating the web, creating endless chances for consumers and making it difficult for a particular store to attract their attention and loyalty to the buyer.Promoting a digital business becomes very complex, precisely for this reason: calling traffic to the site and making it relevant to the consumer is not simple and it is necessary to create strategies that are linked in marketing knowledge. The first thing you should know is that traffic is not all the same.

There is that traffic that you pay to have, through various types of advertising and that is called paid traffic; and the traffic that arises from free strategies and comes more naturally, which is called organic traffic.This last way of generating traffic is the one we bring to you today. Come and see some tips to improve the number of visits to your site, without having to spend money.

1.SEO and its effects Optimizing

your site so that it has a better positioning in the search engine is very important and that's why, today, you hear about , blogs and online stores.SEO means "Search Engine Optimization" ie, optimization for search engines and is an increasingly important strategy, with the increase of online stores. When you bet on content that considers the structure, size and keywords with the rules of SEO, you are making search engines, based on their particular algorithms, reveal their content, ensuring that your site is among the first proposals for search engines.

2.Social Media PublicationsThe

social network spaces are no longer just for communication and socialization.

More than that, because they bring together countless people who are, in turn, potential clients, networks such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook or Twitter are spaces of opportunity for those who want to generate organic traffic to your site. The content you publish in social media will generate interest in your site and lead more people to click on the link and become potential customers. And the biggest advantage is that, although you have the possibility to place paid ads on these media, their most basic use is totally free.

Share your website widelyYour

website needs to be known, and the more you bet on spreading your link, the better results you'll get. Look for free directory or classified ads, use this link in your email subscriptions, or work in partnership with other companies by exchanging link sharing.

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